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UKG TouchFree ID

Next level technology that fits the way you work today

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Levelling up our technology by incorporating face biometrics, allowing for even more-modern, people focused features that fit the way you work today.

UKG builds technology around people. Our UKG InTouch DX™ timeclock now adds even more modern, people-focused features that fit the way you work today. UKG TouchFree ID™ face biometrics is now available as an option integrated with the InTouch DX timeclock.

Find out how the integration of UKG TouchFree ID in the InTouch DX timeclock can enhance the people of your organisation.

Some of the features of the UKG TouchFree ID include:

  • Supports two-factor authentication, where employees use a badge or type in a badge ID and then validate their identity with a face scan
  • Uses the latest in biometric technology, which will not authenticate a printed photo or an image or video on a smartphone or a tablet
  • Dual visible and infrared cameras operate in all indoor lighting, from very dark to brightly lit environments
  • Eliminates issues encountered with finger-scan biometrics, including worn fingertips and cold/dry/wet fingers, or motor control issues with positioning a finger on the scanner